Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

Appreciate there’s more to food than meets the stomach

+ Artisan sliced toast bread with butter and sugar on wooden cutting board. Simple breakfast on grey concrete background. Top view

Does Butter Need to Be Refrigerated?

I love butter. I love butter on toast. I love butter in baked goods. I...
January 12, 2023
+ Modern Red Apple Kitchen Timer

I Tracked How Much Time I Spent Cooking in a Week and the Results Were Shocking

Do you know how much time you spend in the kitchen every day? I thought...
January 4, 2023
+ Spouses Disagree in the Kitchen

Families Benefit When Just One Spouse Handles the Cooking

In the not so distant past it was the sole responsibility of women to cook,...
December 2, 2022
+ S. Harris Economic Forecast Cartoon

Do Recipes Always Underestimate the Cook Time or Are You Doing Something Wrong?

There used to be a part of me that thought recipe cook times were just...
October 1, 2022
+ Tired Mom Cooking

The Hardest Parts About Cooking According to Moms on Facebook

A few months ago I posted the question, "What do you find the hardest about...
July 15, 2022
+ Stacked Misfits Box at Front Door

Why I Love Misfits Market More Than Ever in 2022

Today I realized I've been a Misfits Market customer for over three years. THREE YEARS....
March 19, 2022
+ Tsoureki Greek Easter Bread

Would the World Be a Better Place If More People Baked Bread?

Nearly ten years ago, researchers from the University of Southern Brittany published a study in...
August 25, 2021

Why Do We Eat Cake on Our Birthdays? Why Not Something Better Like Brownies?

I don’t like cake. I don’t like cake so much I requested a brownie tower...
July 24, 2021