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How to Overcome the Challenges of Cooking With a Newborn

We just had our third baby and our whole family is totally over the moon but can I tell you a dirty little secret? I forgot how hard cooking with a newborn can be. Obviously I've done it before and apparently successfully since the rest of the family is still... Read More

How to Spend Less Money on Holiday Meals This Season

Halloween may be over but some of the biggest holiday meals of the year are fast approaching - Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. Is your wallet ready? If you're like me and the rest of the country then you've been feeling the effects of inflation at the grocery store for... Read More

Signs You Need a New Dishwasher and Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Buy One

Dishwashers are not usually the things dreams are made of. That is until they crap out and start dripping on the floor in the middle of the night tell-tale heart style. Talk about a nightmare. I wish I could say I realized our dishwasher was on the fritz right away.... Read More

Want to Pit Cherries Fast? This Kitchen Tool Makes It Really Easy (and It’s Something You Probably Already Own)

Last week I made a cherry cake to celebrate our eldest's daughter name day. For those of you unfamiliar with the Greek Orthodox name day tradition, here's a great explanation from the Greek Reporter. Basically it's a big party, not unlike a birthday party, where you wish the individual health... Read More

50 Tips to Make Doing the Dishes Easier

Recently I asked a group of moms on Facebook what the hardest part about cooking was and a shocking 86 out of 231 of them said, "doing the dishes." Clean-up obviously isn't fun (why else would the kids leave their toys everywhere?) but I was still surprised by how many... Read More

4 Places to Find a Whole Lamb for Sale

There comes a time in every family when the next generation must shoulder more of the work if they want to keep family traditions alive. That turned out to be this year for my husband and I. When my in-laws expressed they'd rather go to a restaurant for Greek Easter... Read More

An Embarrassingly Simple Way to Save the Online Recipes You Love

The internet is a treasure trove of amazing recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I positively adore my collection of cookbooks and hand written recipe cards from friends and family, but the internet is where it’s at when it comes to finding new things to cook. The variety. The videos. The... Read More

The Easiest Way to Make Fresh Pasta Without a Pasta Machine

Is there anything better than fresh, homemade pasta? The texture. The taste. The fact that it stays soft for days in the refrigerator and makes great leftovers. I love fresh pasta. But you know what I don't love? Bulky, single-purpose appliances like pasta machines that are miserable to use and... Read More

How to Spatchcock a Chicken and When and Why You Should

What does it mean to spatchcock a chicken? Is it the same thing as butterflying a chicken? How do you do it? And who decided to call it "spatchcocking" anyway? Sounds kind of dirty... I asked myself all of these questions too when I first came across the term spatchcock... Read More

The 10 Cooking Gifts People Love and 5 They Hate

The best gifts for cooks are ones they'll use and enjoy but what do you buy for home chefs that already have everything they need? How do you avoid gifting things they don't want? People that like to cook usually have well stocked kitchens (and often times very high quality... Read More