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Does Butter Need to Be Refrigerated?

I love butter. I love butter on toast. I love butter in baked goods. I love butter so much I used to eat it straight with a spoon as a child. (Yes I was a fat little kid and no I don't eat butter straight with a spoon anymore but... Read More

I Tracked How Much Time I Spent Cooking in a Week and the Results Were Shocking

Do you know how much time you spend in the kitchen every day? I thought I did until I actually tracked how long I spent cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping over the course of a week. The results were shocking. And nowhere near the national average of 68 minutes per... Read More

Families Benefit When Just One Spouse Handles the Cooking

In the not so distant past it was the sole responsibility of women to cook, clean and care for children while their husbands went off to work. Fast forward 100 years and the dynamics of the American family have changed significantly.... Read More

Do Recipes Always Underestimate the Cook Time or Are You Doing Something Wrong?

There used to be a part of me that thought recipe cook times were just made up. Then I became a food blogger. Now I know recipe cook times aren't made up but they may as well be thanks to the comically large number of assumptions that go into them.... Read More

The Hardest Parts About Cooking According to Moms on Facebook

A few months ago I posted the question, "What do you find the hardest about cooking?" in a mommy recipe Facebook group I'm a member of. I received over 200 responses and being the data nerd I am, found the results fascinating. I'm not sure why I expected technical cooking... Read More

Why I Love Misfits Market More Than Ever in 2022

Today I realized I've been a Misfits Market customer for over three years. THREE YEARS. That's longer than I've ever worked at any one job. Or the length of time I spent in college. Or the time it took my husband to propose from when we started dating. Needless to... Read More

Would the World Be a Better Place If More People Baked Bread?

Nearly ten years ago, researchers from the University of Southern Brittany published a study in the Journal of Social Psychology that found the aroma of fresh baked bread made people nicer to strangers. In the study participants stood outside either a bakery or a clothing store and when passerby approached,... Read More

Why Do We Eat Cake on Our Birthdays? Why Not Something Better Like Brownies?

I don’t like cake. I don’t like cake so much I requested a brownie tower for my birthday last year instead. (Which my lovely Aunt Carol delivered on, candles and all, because she’s awesome like that.) Who said we have to have cake on our birthdays anyway? Is there a... Read More