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Greek Lemon Chicken Soup (Avgolemono Soup)

Excellent served hot or cold, this creamy yet citrusy soup is perfect any time of year. Tempered eggs lend the soup its rich texture while fresh squeezed lemon offers a delightful twist on this otherwise traditional chicken soup. Great as an appetizer or standalone meal when served with a hunk... Read More

The Only Chicken Stock Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Made from a collection of chicken and vegetable scraps, this chicken stock is as economical as it is wholesomely delicious. The rich, layered flavors make the perfect base for a wide variety of dishes ranging from rice to soups to chicken pot pie. Make it with leftover roast chicken carcasses... Read More

Rosemary Tomato Focaccia Made With All-Purpose Flour

With a fluffy crumb, crunchy golden crust, and blast of flavor thanks to sun ripened cherry tomatoes and crushed rosemary, this focaccia bread is the perfect addition to any table. Great to serve as a standalone appetizer or alongside the main course. Travel and storage friendly, this bread also makes... Read More

Want to Pit Cherries Fast? This Kitchen Tool Makes It Really Easy (and It’s Something You Probably Already Own)

Last week I made a cherry cake to celebrate our eldest's daughter name day. For those of you unfamiliar with the Greek Orthodox name day tradition, here's a great explanation from the Greek Reporter. Basically it's a big party, not unlike a birthday party, where you wish the individual health... Read More

50 Tips to Make Doing the Dishes Easier

Recently I asked a group of moms on Facebook what the hardest part about cooking was and a shocking 86 out of 231 of them said, "doing the dishes." Clean-up obviously isn't fun (why else would the kids leave their toys everywhere?) but I was still surprised by how many... Read More

The Hardest Parts About Cooking According to Moms on Facebook

A few months ago I posted the question, "What do you find the hardest about cooking?" in a mommy recipe Facebook group I'm a member of. I received over 200 responses and being the data nerd I am, found the results fascinating. I'm not sure why I expected technical cooking... Read More

Making Vegetable Stock Is as Simple as Simmering Water but Here’s a Recipe Just in Case

Vegetable stock is a great way to get the most out of your vegetables and infuse a variety of dishes from soups to rice with extra flavor. Long considered a restorative food, vegetable stock contains a variety of nutrients with very few calories and is a healthy addition to any... Read More

4 Places to Find a Whole Lamb for Sale

There comes a time in every family when the next generation must shoulder more of the work if they want to keep family traditions alive. That turned out to be this year for my husband and I. When my in-laws expressed they'd rather go to a restaurant for Greek Easter... Read More

Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread) Made With All-Purpose Flour

Tsoureki is a beautifully braided sweet loaf similar to brioche and challah but with a distinctive flavor thanks to two unique spices - mastiha and mahlab. Traditionally served on Orthodox Easter and steeped with religious symbolism, this wonderful bread is delicious all year round as an appetizer, side or standalone... Read More

Carol the Cook’s Best Go to Whole Roast Chicken Recipe

A classic roast chicken ideal for weeknight dinners and fancy parties alike. While light on spices (just salt!) the celery stuffed inside the cavity acts as an aromatic and permeates the meat with flavor and moisture. Roast chicken doesn't get any simpler or more delightful.... Read More