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Would the World Be a Better Place If More People Baked Bread?

Nearly ten years ago, researchers from the University of Southern Brittany published a study in the Journal of Social Psychology that found the aroma of fresh baked bread made people nicer to strangers. In the study participants stood outside either a bakery or a clothing store and when passerby approached,... Read More

How to Not Burn Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Because Burnt Pancakes Are the Worst)

There are few greater disappointments at breakfast than looking forward to chocolate chip pancakes only to have them turn out burned and undercooked. Let me start off by saying I'm sorry you had to go through that. Burnt pancakes are the worst, aren't they? Morning hanger never helps the issue... Read More

When Your Fridge Is Too Small but You Can’t Fit a Bigger One in Your Kitchen

I'm always running out of fridge space but my kitchen is too small to fit a bigger refrigerator. I'm constantly throwing out spoiled food and entertaining is a nightmare. Sound like a familiar problem?... Read More

Easy to Make Real Chocolate Frosting (No Cocoa Powder Please)

Recipe first, tidbits second. Enjoy! This Recipe’s Roots We have a lot of summer birthdays around here. And name days which are an even bigger deal than birthdays if you’re Greek. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting is almost always the go to request (which is great because of all the... Read More

Why Do We Eat Cake on Our Birthdays? Why Not Something Better Like Brownies?

I don’t like cake. I don’t like cake so much I requested a brownie tower for my birthday last year instead. (Which my lovely Aunt Carol delivered on, candles and all, because she’s awesome like that.) Who said we have to have cake on our birthdays anyway? Is there a... Read More

Energize Hot Summer Days With This Refreshing Coral Citrus Sparkler

Refreshingly light while packed with flavor, this sparkling citrus medley is the perfect addition to any hot summer day. Enjoy it alongside breakfast for a blast of vitamin C or as a standalone afternoon snack. Add a splash of something harder to transform it into a new happy hour favorite.... Read More

5 Ingredient Sweet Green Breakfast Smoothie

With only five ingredients this ultra creamy smoothie is easy to whip up for breakfast even on busy days. The banana and almond milk add sweetness while the Greek yogurt and peanut butter provide a blast of satiating protein to hold you over until lunch. You can easily double (or... Read More

5 Ways to Immediately Improve Produce Quality No Matter Your Budget

Just as much as us humans are what we eat, recipes are the ingredients they’re made of. Sad ingredients make for sad food. No award winning recipe in the world can resuscitate lifeless fruits and vegetables. So how do we make sure we’re using the best produce we can? By... Read More